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To Honor Your Path and Your Healing, With Renewal For The Earth
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A Bit About Ruth

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Spiritual Guide

A retired social worker/minister, Ruth Zwald makes her home on a farm in Michigan, starting every dawn with good coffee and the crow of the rooster.  Loving the cycles of the seasons, Ruth watches the moon and never misses a solstice or equinox turning. 


Ruth is a Mesa Carrier  on the Peruvian Medicine Path, and has completed her work to become a "Pampamesayog."  The training involves personal healing, transformational healing for others, and creating ceremony and ritual for ourselves and for the earth.  Ruth has also studied other indigenous belief systems.  In 2018, she had the opportunity to travel to Ecuador for a Shaman Summit with the Yachaks of the Andes.  There she experienced a powerful LaLimpia healing, and has since completed training to be able to offer that sacred method of healing.

Here is Ruth's statement on faith:  "I have always strived to live as a person with faith.  After serving for several years as a Christian pastor, I took my leave of traditional patriarchal systems of belief.  My faith found its way to indigenous belief systems, and an honoring of the earth as sacred.  This interconnectedness is what nourishes my spirit."

Meet Ruth


From spiritual ceremonies, to workshops, to healing sessions, Ruth is available to serve your healing and growth.  

Please use the contact page for any questions about these services, or to schedule a session or workshop.

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events
Use the contact page for questions or to register.

  • Deepening Our Spiritual Connection - The Element of Earth
    Deepening Our Spiritual Connection - The Element of Earth
    Sun, Aug 18
    Location is at our farm near Fennville
    Aug 18, 2024, 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM
    Location is at our farm near Fennville
    Aug 18, 2024, 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM
    Location is at our farm near Fennville
    Shamanic Sundays 2024


"La Limpia is a very engaging process that left me feeling lighter, more relaxed, and comfortable in my own skin. As Ruth carried out the clearing using a variety of natural materials, I felt the heaviness I have been carrying dissipate.  After a week, I'm still feeling lighter and noticing that I am reacting differently to certain situations."

— KS

"Ruth’s passion and creativity for ritual stops the chaos that can consume our lives.  Time slows, connecting us on a deeper level as Ruth takes us on a journey of reflection, insights and awareness, her beautifully creative, unique and thoughtful process reminds us of the individual gifts we have to share with each other and the world.  Her spirit is a comfort and a blessing."              


  • What does "sliding scale" mean?"
    In the spirit of reciprocity, and in making these services available to anyone, Ruth has set up a sliding scale fee schedule for all her services. For an hour of service, the range of monetary exchange is $5-$50. Ruth is also open to barter. Clients have brought dinner or dessert - or they have helped in the gardens in the summer - or they share some art they have created. All of it is negotiated with Ruth to make a reasonable exchange. Please don't allow money to be the barrier to your wellness.
  • Where do workshops take place?
    Ruth is available to come to your home or church or gathering place to present a workshop. You gather the people, and Ruth brings all the supplies needed. The groups can be a women's group, or an artist's group, or a circle of friends, or a network through your church. Use the contact page to discuss the possibilities with Ruth.
  • Who can benefit from a LaLimpia Healing?
    LaLimpia works with the energy field around us. Many of us have things cluttering that field. LaLimpia is like a "reset" for our energy. You will find LaLimpia helpful if: if you have physical challenges or current medical issues. if you have had surgery. if you have gone through a stressful period of time. if you are looking to make some changes in your life. if you feel heavy or burdened.
  • Is Ruth available to create memorial services?  Weddings?  Other milestone ceremonies?
    Yes! As a trained clergy, Ruth has extensive experience creating meaningful services and ceremonies for lifes transitions. Ruth works with you to personalize the ceremony, and creates a warm and welcoming feel to each and every ceremony. Use the contact page to get more information and begin the conversation, You can find out more about her services as a wedding officiant by visiting:

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Contact Info



1470 66th Street; Fennville, MI.  49408

Contact Ruth below with questions or to schedule a session.
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