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LaLimpia Healing

An ancient and powerful healing technique from the Shamans of Ecuador.

  • 1 h 30 min
  • sliding scale
  • At my home or yours - outdoors preferred.

Service Description

This Andes' traditional energy cleansing ceremony is used to maintain good physical, emotional and spiritual health. The goal is to clear and balance the energy field surrounding the physical body. The transformative and powerful cleansing ceremony is performed using the blowing of rum alcohol, fire, smoke, oils, eggs, flowers and other sacred natural elements. A session last about 1 1/2 hours, including diagnostic. Ruth has been trained in this method, and has gathered all the tools necessary to assist with your healing. To Prepare: 1) The ceremony is performed outdoors, weather permitting. Traditionally, very minimal dressing is recommended (underwear/shorts, bathing suit). This allows the skin to better absorb the healing essences and to discharge negative energies. 2) Eat a light meal or fast beforehand. Following the session for two weeks there are dietary recommendations to help your body heal: 1) Do not consume caffeine, or red meat or pork. 2) Limit sugar consumption. 3) No hot spices or garlic. 4) No alcohol. 5) Drinking chamomile tea for breakfast and before bedtime is recommended.   PERSONAL NOTE: "I received this healing when I traveled to Ecuador in 2018. At that point, I was two years past my cancer treatment, but I still had residual immune issues from chemotherapy, as well as some continued inflammation issues in my body. The cleansing was a reset for my wellness, removing the residuals and giving my body space to be healed. It was powerful. And then it was up to me to follow through into the future, by changing my diet, my exercise, my weight, and my understanding of my own role in my healing." Ruth

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